Dacono in the Distance

Contributed by Jeffrey Johnson

This portion of the Sol 772 mid-day mosaic taken from the western rim of Belva crater shows the extent of Dacono crater, a 2.1 km diameter crater 33 km in the distance.  The clear skies at Jezero at that time enabled a good view of the crater, including its raised rim and into the dark, sandy, eastern crater wall.  An orbital view shows the rover location from where the images were acquired (cyan dot) and Dacono crater (off to the east at an azimuth of about 105).   I like this image because it a stark reminder that impact cratering is one of the most dominant geological forces on Mars (and in the solar system):  The rover was on the western edge of the 900 m diameter crater (Belva) viewing both its eastern rim (in the foreground) and the 2.1 km diameter Dacono crater in the distance, all contained with the 45 km diameter Jezero crater, whose rim is visible beyond Dacono.

July 17, 2023

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