Mastcam-Z’s Enchanted Lake Panorama (sol 425)

Contributed by Laura Mehall

This is a Mastcam-Z enhanced color left-eye filter 0 mosaic taken on sol 425 (May 1, 2022) from sequence zcam08450 and at 34-mm focal length. Thirty-six separate images were combined to cover the Jezero crater western delta front and the foreground area, dubbed “Enchanted Lake”.

I like everything about this mosaic.  The bright thin layered rocks in the foreground, the delta front cliffs in the background and the sand dunes everywhere in between.

The mosaic includes grid lines that show azimuth and elevation in so-called “Site” frame, where 0° on the x-axis is due north, and 0° on the y-axis would represent the horizon, if the horizon was flat. The raw images from this mosaic can all be found online on the NASA Mars 2020 Raw Images web site by clicking “Mastcam-Z – Left” and Filtering on sol 425.

The JPEG version featured here and downloadable from the button below is only at one-quarter of the mosaic’s full resolution, for faster display and downloading. A full resolution JPEG (12572×6274 pixels; 23.7 MBytes) can be downlinked from here, if you really want to dive in!

May 1, 2022

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