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This funny-looking image is a phantogram of Ingenuity, the helicopter of the mars2020 mission.

A phantogram is a special stereoscopic image made to be placed horizontally (e.g. laying on a table) and observed from an angle of approximately 45° to give the illusion that the depicted object is standing in front of you. The rover was not ideally placed for such a picture, but the effect works well nonetheless. Do not hesitate to move your head to find the best viewpoint. Due to the sub-optimal shooting conditions, you might want to look at this phantogram from a bit lower angle (move your head down) to get better proportions.

The photo is viewable also on
In particular, people with a VR headet can visit this page with a XR-compatible browser and enter the XR viewing mode. They will be transported in a VR session with the picture placed horizontaly. Other display modes are available, although they are less adapted to phantograms (they do work if you manage to get the right viewing angle and display device, but it is not as easy).

The raw images used to make it were taken by the Mastcam-Z on SOL45 (2021-04-06). This was after the deployment, but before the first tests of the rotors and therefore before the first test flight.

April 6, 2021

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