Rosa Doves

This photograph is a frame from a one-minute video. I have used the photographs calibrated by Mastcam-Z, They correspond to Sol 4.

I have used eight photos, four for the right image and four for the left one. I have joined them by aligning homologous points, creating two partial panoramas. To align the stereography I used a free software called: stereophotomaker. The video in 3D TV format was made with Final Cut Pro 7.3 and a plug-in for stereographic editing called: Dashwood Stereo3d Toolbox.

The format is Blu-Ray 3D compatible, but it is not necessary to use a Blu-Ray player. Simply download the image and insert it into a USB flash drive. Connect it to your 3D TV and select “Side-by-Side” mode. The complete video can be downloaded from this address:

February 22, 2021

Download jpeg