“Sombrero Rock” and Friends

Contributed by Eleni Ravanis

This Mastcam-Z Right Filter 0 (RGB) enhanced color mosaic was taken on sol 907 (September 8th, 2023) and shows a diverse array of boulder textures. Do you see a sombrero, or an avocado? 

In the foreground, we see Middle Mountain, a team favorite nicknamed “Sombrero rock” for its sombrero-like shape, but which has also been likened to an avocado. You can read more about this rock and how its unique shape may have formed here on the Mars 2020 blog

In the right part of the image, we see a boulder with a rougher-looking texture, whereas in the upper part of the image, we see smoother looking boulders. In the upper middle, we see an elongated boulder that appears to transition from a more rubbly-looking texture to a flatter, paver-like texture. 

This mosaic showcases the great diversity of rock textures we’ve been seeing as Perseverance continues its exploration of Jezero crater.

October 27, 2023

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